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From £250
Outdoor workshops for schools


Experimental learning days aim to dove-tail with specific projects or subjects within a year group. Workshops will be run for key stages 2,3 & 4 and will tailor the level of activity to suit the age group. The workshops focus mainly on sustainability and will explore this with a team design charrette and other group building activities.
Students will have the opportunity to discuss what sustainability means, how the natural environment and its ecosystems play a vital role in the future of how we live, design spaces and discuss the importance of material and fuel choices.
Students will create master plans and scale models using natural materials foraged from the woodland and outdoor spaces. Informed discussions and presentations will give students an opportunity to critique and evaluate their work. Students will look at biomorphic design found in nature through foraging for 'ecofacts' and explore these forms through a series of charcoal drawings.
A bridge building activity will be available for design technology related subjects, students will be set the challenge to construct a bridge using only string and materials found in the woodland / outdoors.
Shelter building and firelighting activities are also available for school days. Activities are all subject to key stage, curriculum requirements and personal preference.
Please bring a packed lunch, something to drink, outdoor clothing and a waterproof jacket if it's raining.
£250 for group of 20 students
Maximum group 30
Minimum of 2 accompanying adults
Duration 5 hours

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 07957405751


Wooducation base camp Sussex

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