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wooducation feature in lindfield life magazine

Wooducation’s Story, find out about the founder and other team members... 

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Wooducation was created during lockdown by Georgina McLeod, born in the old Cuckfield hospital in 1986, Georgina also lived in Cuckfield and has a local allotment. She is an architect and has a keen interest in nature and the outdoors.  


Georgina’s specialist degree in advanced environmental studies has provoked interest in how modern living interacts with nature. She trained as a Woodland Ranger in tandem to her architectural studies, working for Wilderness Woods, Natural Pathways and enduring a week-long interview course with Ray Mears and the Woodlore team in Sussex.  


In 2019, at age 33, Georgina was admitted suddenly to hospital with second degree heart block, after a 17 day stay at the Royal Sussex Brighton Hospital, she was discharged with a dual chamber pacemaker. Following this life changing event, she found herself drawn more to nature as part of her rehabilitation. This led to the startup of Wooducation.


“I want to create a platform to get people outside and experience the mental and physical benefits of being in nature” Says Georgina. 


Georgina is currently completing a degree in Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing, this is an immersive experience, using all five senses to connect with the natural world. Many studies have shown that being in the woodland can boost your immune system and can improve mental health and wellbeing.  

Wooducation are working with Borde Hill Garden, just outside Lindfield, to deliver a range of workshops including an adult Wellbeing Day, a Family Wilderness Camp and children's birthday parties.


“We are aware that the last year has been a really tough time for many, causing people to become isolated and lonely. Our aim is to reconnect people in a safe outdoor environment and boost confidence and mental health through outdoor bushcraft and mindfulness activities.” Says Georgina


Wooducation are working with an amazing team of local individuals and volunteers who all have a keen interest in the outdoors, including Steph, a local part time post lady and aspiring natural nutritionist.


“I'm so passionate about natural food and the amazing effects it can have on the body and mind, I’m looking forward to developing foraging workshops with Wooducation” Says Steph. 

“Starting Wooducation has been so much fun and I am meeting some amazing people along the way. It has given me my confidence back after discovering my heart condition at such a young age, working outdoors is my therapy and I can’t wait to share these experiences with others” says Georgina 

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